To The Person I Thought Would Not Leave


You made me believe that there is something magical that lasts forever
You made me believe that something could be as beautiful as the stars

You made me believe that love can be so strong that it makes life worth living

You made me believe that in love, giving up is never an option

You made me believe that forever does exist

You made me believe that what we have is something real

Something you’re willing to fight for

something that gives meaning to your mere existence

Something that calms your heart

Something that we can be proud of

You made me believe in “us”. 


What happened? 

Girl, Know Your Worth!


A pair of used but good shoe was sold at $100,000.00 because it happened to be owned by someone named Michael Jordan.

The worth of something is based on who owned it in the past, those pair of shoe wouldn’t be sold for a very high price if it wasn’t owned by Michael Jordan.
Now ask yourself, who owns you?
I remember why I had this high standard in love, I was in high school when I heard someone say “ay ang choosy, akala mo kung sinong kagandahan” to someone he doesn’t even truly know,  it really  marked in my mind that guys see it that way so I promised myself na “hindi magiging ganda ang batayan ng pagpili” that I had to prove them wrong.
But don’t get me wrong, hindi ako magmamaganda just to prove a point, I have to set my own standards in love also because at the end of the day pipiliin ko yung taong kanino ako magsu-submit. I just realized, isn’t it ironic that girls have all the right in the world to chose whom they are going to submit (Ephesians 5:22).
Pipili ka. Oo girl, ikaw ang pipili.
With the kind of society that we have, madalang na lang daw ang mga Maria Clara, para sa akin naman, every woman have their own maria Clara inside of them, she just need to be awaken.
Then, what do we mean by Maria Clara?
Is it okay na magmura? na maging comfortable sa green jokes?
Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial (1 Corinthians 10:23).
Hindi ka masamang tao just because you cracked green jokes and say bad words, but the question is does it benefit you? May naitutulong ba? Does it make you a better person? if yes then I think  you are on the track. But I bet your answer is no, hindi naman talaga nakakatulong, baka kasi nakasanayan mo na lang and maybe that is what the society calls “IN”.
Girls, if this is your basis of happiness, self satisfaction and if you think this is how the world would accept you then I think you are barking at the wrong tree. You should always decide for yourself on what is right and wrong, you should never let other people nor this society dictates your happiness.
I repeat, hindi ka masamang tao and you have all the chance in the world to make it right. God is not just a God of second chances, but He is a God of many chances. You woke up today with your heart still beating because you are given another chance, make it count.
I understand that when you reach the age of 25 and up there is this pressure of not having a lifetime partner, “may mali ba sa akin?” ” Pangit ba ako?” “Mahirap ba akong mahalin?”.
Have you asked yourself that maybe wala naman talagang mali sayo, hindi ka naman pangit at hindi ka naman mahirap mahalin, sadyang madali ka lang makuha that’s why no guy took you seriously.
Girls, remember that guys pursue if they are challenged, if there’s a wall that they need to break and a heart that they need to melt because their masculinity is being tested.
Pahirapan mo naman girl, you are a gem and don’t you forget that. Hindi ka simpleng bato na kahit saan makukuha niya. Isa kang diamante na kailangan niyang paghirapan, because anything that is worth having is definitely worth the effort. Kapag alam niya na pinaghirapan ka niyang makuha hindi ka niya agad agad maitatapon.
Uso na daw kasi yung babae ang nanliligaw at yung nagbibigay ng motibo, girl “hindi lahat ng uso wasto”. Isipin mo na lang na kung ikaw ang nanligaw dapat ikaw ang magdadala ng bag niya, you have to pay for your meal and you have to get his “yes”. Hindi ka ganun kababaw girl. Ikaw dapat ang pinagbubuhat ng bag, ikaw dapat ang inililibre sa date at sine (hindi naman sa lahat ng oras ha, learn to give also, hindi ka pa niya responsibilidad at hindi pa siya ang bumubuhay sayo) at ikaw dapat ang magsasambit ng mga katagang “OO SINASAGOT NA KITA” and not the other way around.
Now, how can you determine your value?
Personally, I saw my worth not in the eyes of other people but in the eyes of my loving father in heaven, He loves me and that’s enough reason for me to know “I am worth it”

Goodbye’s Are Meant To Be Good ♡

Some good things must really come to an end. People have or had to say goodbye because at that moment it is the right thing to do. We don’t just leave for no apparent reason.

  • Regret

There will always be regrets. Whether you leave happy or sad you will always bring with you the thought of “what if”. In the long run you will realize what you lost and what you gained. It is up to you what will matter the most.

Your biggest regret could turn out to be your greatest lesson. Chances are you will find happiness the moment you realize that regret will remain a regret until you finally forgive yourself for not fighting a little longer or for holding on into something that is slowly killing the person inside of you.

  • Leaving things behind

For some reasons you have to close a chapter that means to you the most and that includes leaving people. You have to endure the pain of moving one step forward even if it means leaving something behind and once you got attached into it, it would be very hard to let go thinking that one Monday morning you will no longer do the things that you used to do, be with the people you used to be with. But you have to do it. It’s now or never.

  • Step higher

As the door closes, another door awaits to open widely for you.

If you stay on the same position your entire life, how would you know if taking a step higher is far greater than what you thought is the best for you right now.

Be the best person you can be. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Even if it means crying all night, sweating off your feet until dawn and breaking your heart all over again, because in the end you will find yourself stronger and braver.

  • Go on

You may think of quitting all over again, take a deep breath and go on. Start thinking of why you even started. Think of the very reason why you would like to give it a try one last time. But if your heart and your soul tells you that you can no longer do it. Quit!


An Open Letter To All Young Ladies Who Want To Serve God

I started attending church when I was 12. I had no idea at that time what it means to serve the Lord. I go to church only because of my family and I want to meet new friends, that’s it. We attended a service which includes young people and I bet we are the youngest at that time. I really did not have an idea that serving God would become a necessity to me. At first I was persecuted for sharing Jesus. I was once told that I was too young to know what love is. I was too young to share Jesus, but let me tell you that age is not a requirement for you to serve God. He is only requiring you to be willing and just believe what God can do in your life.

Along the way there are people who inspired me to become who I am right now. Surround yourself with people who always bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with people who will inspire you to serve God more. Surround yourself with people who share the same belief as you are. Along the journey you will find distractions but do not lose hope because the Lord is with you. Here are some of the things that may hinder you from growing in your faith.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you should quit school for you to be able to serve God, what I’m saying is that you can be a lot better and you can do more if you put God in the center. I met a lot of Christians who surrendered their lives to Jesus but still made Him their least priority. They make their studies as an excuse not to serve God. I also became a victim of being pressured at school, I sacrificed Sundays to finish deadlines, I sacrificed prayer for sleep, I sacrificed reading the bible to review for exams and I even sacrificed my relationship with the Lord to accomplish what I thought is necessary at that time.  I told myself that the Lord would understand because He wanted me to finish school, but I was wrong. He wanted me to finish school but He wanted to be a part of it. He wanted to be part of my journey, with every failure, mistake, heartache, my rewarding moments and every success that I’ll have. I was reminded that my first priority was God, that He is not just more than capable but He is willing to make all things possible for me. What I learned is that nothing in this world should separate you from God, always remember your purpose, always bring with you your highest calling and it is to serve and glorify your Father in heaven.
  • WORK
I was only 18 when I had my first job. I took my degree for 3 years so I had to go to school every summer just to finish it early. The moment I received my degree I was in a hurry to find work, have my own money and of course help my parents. The beginning was hard but I enjoyed it because everything was new and the thought of “me paying my own bills” is exciting, but the scenario changed as time passed by, it did not became as exciting as I had expected it. In the long run I got tired, my life revolved in my work. I got drained and I realized that I was not happy anymore. I thought that if you already have everything you need and a job that will give you the respect the you wanted to have you’ll be happy, but I was wrong. I was like a lost sheep with no direction, I kept running but I had no one to confide with, I knew at that time that I already lost my relationship with God, but He reminded me that He never stopped loving me and that maybe it is just I who stopped receiving. When you think that you are already at your lowest, get on your knees because the distance between your problem and the solutions is the distance between your knees and the ground. Cry, and tell God everything.  True happiness comes only from the Lord. What profits a man if He gains the whole world but loses his soul.
I never had a boyfriend. But being surrounded with couples gave me a lot to consider.
I saw how a person can be so dedicated in serving God, I saw how a person can do anything for God. How young ladies like you and me can truly surrender and obey God.
Am I saying that having a boyfriend while you serve God is a bad thing? Definitely No! What I am saying is that it can be a big distraction, for now. A relationship that will hinder you from serving God is not worth your time, your attention and love. A relationship that will lead you to sin is not from God.
As a woman of God we ought to glorify and magnify Him in our lives.
I saw how young ladies set aside their ministries and their relationship with the Lord for the sake of pleasing their boyfriends. Thinking he might leave you if you give more time in serving. I saw how this love slowly snatch them from God. I know it is not your intention to make God your least priority but it happened, without you knowing it you are very far away from your purpose.
Many of you might think that you can balance it, that you can serve God while you’re engaged in an ungodly relationship. I hope and I pray that you can really do it because with what I witnessed it is far from reality. You cannot go to one direction together if you’re believing in two different things. I hope one fine  day you’ll find the courage to weigh which matters to you the most.
A God-Centered relationship is definitely worth the wait.
We have different stories, some of us had already found it and some are still waiting and praying for it. You may be waiting now for a very long time but have faith that in God’s perfect time He will grant you the desires of your heart.
I pray that one day you find that one person who share the same faith as you are. That person who will pray for you and will encourage you to serve God more. That person who will not let you choose between God and him. That person who will lead you closer to Jesus. Remember that with God on your side, you can never go wrong.
Ladies, let us make this life count. I am praying for you.

Happydheyyy is ready to take off! 💋

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2015 may be the hardest year for me, I gain and I lost. But what matters is, in everything that happened – I learned.
I was rejected for not just once but many times and I almost got to the point where I questioned my worth and my existence. I almost quit the fight. But thank God I did not lose heart. He reminded me that this is not my battle; this life doesn’t even belong to me so why would I even bother worrying when there is someone up there who is capable and very much willing to make things possible for me.
Good things happen to those who “patiently” wait. If you failed then try again and wait for the perfect time when the crown comes and it will finally belong to you.
Now, I am going to start the year right. I will focus on the things that I know gives growth and on the positive side of life.
I will fulfill the things I promised myself for the past years, but if I can’t, I know I still have 2017, 2018, 2019 and so on and so fort. As they always say, Life doesn’t end when you fail. This is our “First Attempt In Learning” and when people say no to us put in mind that a NO means “Next Opportunity”.
In this life many people will say no to you but there will be that one person whose going to say yes to you and it will change your life forever. 

How To Love Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Be Loved

To my dearest savior

To my dearest savior,

Lord, I come to you now not to ask anything from you but to simply thank you for everything. My mere existence is nothing without you.

For loving me unconditionally, for not giving up on me and for always believing in what I can do, THANK YOU.

There may be tough times in my life Lord, there may be times that I doubt and almost give up, thank you for reminding me that your love is always enough. That you are always enough.

For the times that I questioned your plans, thank you for showing me how to trust you. for the times that I lost myself, thank you for showing me the way back to you and for the times that I hurt you, thank you because you never got angry and you completely understood what I am going through.

For your love, mercy, compassion and

for the cross, Thank you.